We, at Laver & Wood, have pioneered the LAMITOE. This is inserted into the toe of the bat and helps prevents toe damage by strengthening the vulnerable toe area of your bat.

The Lamitoe addition technically turns the bat into a Grade B bat. This means that it would not be allowed to be used in First Class cricket.

Estimated cost of this service is NZD $40 + shipping.  Total cost will calculated before work starts.

Lamitoe glued in place

Lamitoe & Carbocane

Give your old favourites a new lease on life. Re-handle them using the CARBOCANE and LAMITOE technology. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

The round handle is best suited to those who like to use their bottom hand to hit the ball hard and lift it.

The size of a batsman’s hands can alter the specification of the handle. This is changed by either applying extra rubber grips or, where a thinner handle is required, specifying that you have small hands when you place your order.

We can provide a standard round handle on request, but recommend the oval handle for anyone who wants to bat technically correctly.

This can be done if you send your bat back to us. Shipping is extra and can be quoted on request.

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