Knocking in provides a hard protective surface to the blade and edges of the bat, and all bats need to be knocked in before use. Laver & Wood offer a knocking in service for our own bats and other brands bats.

Estimated cost of this service is NZD $80 + shipping.  Total cost will calculated before work starts.

There are different ways of preparing your bat for the knocking in process, but we recommend the following process as repeated trials in bat factories have shown us that this works far better than all other methods.

Raw linseed oil should be used to moisten the surface of the bat and enable the fibres to become supple. This helps them knit together, thus forming an elastic surface. This is more likely to stretch on impact, rather than crack. Raw linseed is used, as it stays moist for longer than boiled linseed. About a teaspoonful should be applied to the surface of the bat.

We recommend that oil should be applied once (3 times if not one of our bats) before the process of compressing the face begins. Each coat of oil should be about one teaspoon full. Spread the oil over the face of the bat using your fingers. Spread the leftover linseed oil over the edges and toe of the bat. Let each coat of oil soak in overnight and repeat the process before starting the knocking in with the mallet.

At L&W, we strongly recommend having your bat knocked in professionally when you purchase it. This helps get a better performance and also helps extend the life of the bat. It also relieves you and your family members of a time consuming, noisy and monotonous process.

Please Note: Damage can never be totally eliminated due to the hard nature of the ball and the speed of contact with the bat. A good bat correctly knocked in ideally would last about 1000 runs including net use.

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