The most popular L&W shape. This profile is all about awesome weight distribution which allows for incredible bat-speed as well as a powerful hitting zone. This much loved shape is ideal for stroke players at the top of the order that need bat speed and balance to craft a long innings and put a high value on their wicket. The Willow that is sacrificed out of the shoulders provides an outstanding power to weight ratio and therefore we recommend this for most batsman (regardless of age) who need that faster bat speed. We tend to put the special profile in our youth ranges too as this profile also suits the smaller bat sizes. In youth bats the bat speed, size and weight are the most important features and this profile also then helps transition into the full size bat.

Some 1st Class players that buy our bats love the Special Profile as it gives great value for shots but is also very manageable with bat speed when facing fast bowling at that level.

The Special Profile can be made in any of our bat Grades. This example weighs 2lbs12ozs. The shape can be scaled to match weights from 2lbs5ozs upwards in a full size bat and from 1lb14 upwards in a youth bat.

Cross-section examples:
1) Lighter Bat
2) Heavy bat
3) Toe

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