Starting from: $449.00 NZD (Approx. $290 USD)

The PP01 (Laver & Wood Players Profile)

This is the modern day players profile, offering a forgiving hitting zone with a substantial toe with a slight duckbill shape to balance the bat nicely in your hands. This is based on a profile the majority of professional cricketers are currently using.

The pressing offers large and sligtly rounded edges throughout the blade with a slight duck bill toe to promote a vastly superior pick up.

Weights start at 2lb 8oz (1130g) and go through to 3lbs4ozs (1475g). This bat is very well suited to all playing conditions where you need the power to hit over the top but also need good bat speed for the technical shots and good toe strength.


PP01 Reserve – NZD849 (USD560)
PP01 Private Bin – NZD749 (USD480)
PP01 Special Reserve – NZD549 (USD360)
PP01 Legend- NZD449 (USD290)
USD pricing is approximate

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