Jims Friday Special (6-SEP-19)

Every Friday James will feature a bat or two on Facebook that he has made that day. That particular bat can either be purchased at a special price, or if already sold, can be made from scratch at the same price.

This week we have two Harrow sized bats, one in our Special Profile and the other in the Wheeler profile.

These will suit anyone from 5’3″ – 5’6″

Both are made from Special Reserve willow and are available for $299 NZD (Approx. $190 USD) Down From $399 NZD

Bat 1 – Special Profile with a mid/low spot – Green Shield Labels
Harrow – 2lb 3oz
$299 NZD Down From $399 NZD

Bat 2 – Wheeler Profile with a mid/low spot – Electric Blue Labels
Harrow – 2lb 4oz
$299 NZD Down From $399 NZD

  • $ 0.00
  • *Approximate USD amount.
    NZD $80 = Approx USD $55.
    This service includes facing and toe guard and means that your bat is ready to use when you receive it.
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