Jims Friday Special (13-DEC-19)

Every Friday James will feature a bat or two on Facebook that are on sale. That particular bat can either be purchased at a special price, or if already sold, can be made from scratch at the same price.

This week we have two different profiles on special.

Bat # 1 Signature  SH / STD 2lb 10 oz – Ultra Profile – Green Shiel Labels – NZ$1399 USD$920
Bat # 2 Special Reserve  SH / 1″ Long Blade – 2lb 10oz – Mega Profile – Black Carbon / Gold Labels 20% OFF NZ$439.2 USD$315 (Usually NZ$549)


  • $ 0.00
  • *Approximate USD amount.
    NZD $80 = Approx USD $55.
    This service includes facing and toe guard and means that your bat is ready to use when you receive it.
  • $ 0.00

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