Jims Friday Special (13-AUG-19)

Every Friday James will feature a bat on Facebook that he has made that day. That particular bat can either be purchased at a special price, or if already sold, can be made from scratch at the same price.

This week we have 2 PP01 bats – This is the first shape in our players profile range.

Both bats are Short Handle/Standard Blade.

Bat 1
Reserve – 2.12 – Black Carbon/Green – $599 NZD Down From $849 NZD (Approx $400 USD Down From $570 USD)

Bat 2
Private Bin – 2.12 – Red Carbon/White – $499 NZD Down From $749 NZD (Approx $319 USD Down From $479 USD)

  • $ 0.00
  • *Approximate USD amount.
    NZD $80 = Approx USD $55.
    This service includes facing and toe guard and means that your bat is ready to use when you receive it.
  • $ 0.00


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