Care for Wild Charity Cricket Bat


This stunning unique bat is:
Handle Length – Full Size Short Handle
Blade Length – Full Size Standard Blade
Bat Weight – 2lbs 10ozs
Handle type – Semi Oval Cane
Sweet Spot – Mid
Profile – Very Full

All of the proceeds will be donated to the Care for Wild Rhino sanctuary.

“Care for Wild is the largest orphan rhino sanctuary in the world. We rescue, rehabilitate, rewild, release and protect rhinos but we also do so much more…” Check out their website to see more of what this amazing sanctuary does! You can also check out the Rhinos they have currently and adopt a Rhino (donate to it’s care)

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James Laver ( Laver & Wood) and Jeremy Ruggles (J.S.Wright and Sons) have formed a partnership to create some of the worlds finest cricket bats available. Jeremy has selected the finest English Willow clefts from his yard which have been made by James and then sold with all of the proceeds donated to the Care for Wild Rhino sanctuary.

Jeremy has a family connection to Care for Wild with his daughter volunteering there and James spent a large part of his childhood in Africa. Care for Wild was founded by Petronel Nieuwoudt and is the largest orphan rhino sanctuary in the world. They rescue, rehabilitate, rewild, release and protect rhinos and so much more. South Africa was fast becoming the centre of the rhino poaching crisis. Rhinos were being brutally murdered daily in National Parks, Provincial Parks and on private property to meet the demand for bogus medicines made from rhino horn. The illegal rhino horn trade catapulted the status of the White Rhino to ‘Near Threatened’ and the Black Rhino to ‘Critically Endangered'. Many of these devastating poaching incidents left behind young, defenseless, orphaned calves. As the effects of the escalating poaching crisis became evident, so too did the need for a highly specialised care facility that could support the conservation efforts to save this iconic, key stone species from extinction.


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