Laver & Wood’s Cricket Bat Lore Ch 8. Laver & Wood’s Guide to Cricket Bat Handles

Cricket bats were originally made out of a single piece of wood. This meant there was no shock attenuation when the bat struck the ball. The bat would have jarred in the hands of the batsman every time they hit the ball.

To overcome this problem bats were made out of two pieces of timber, usually just another piece of willow spliced into the handle. In the 1850’s there was another evolution to the handle, with cane, usually Manau Cane, being introduced in 1853. This subsequently improved the balance of the bat but still did not adequately attenuate the shock.

C-10 handle insert.

Three years later, in 1856, handles took the form they have maintained until now. Canes were split and then laminated back together with rubber between the canes. The rubber helped dampen down the shock of the ball hitting the bat. This dealt with the jarring, and the 1850s technology has stood the test of time.

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