Laver & Wood’s Cricket Bat Lore Ch 4 Grading Willow

Making a good bat begins with grading the willow. Grading willow is not an exact science. It is more a craft that is developed over time, where an intuitive feel for what a cleft can become is as important as any specific measurements.

At Laver & Wood we grade each piece of willow at least four times before it is turned into a bat. This is a time consuming process, but crucial to getting the best performance out of an individual cleft.

Willow graded and assigned to a particular range.

All Laver & Wood’s willow comes from JS Wright & Sons in Essex. Wrights are recognised as one of the top, if not the top, willow merchants in the world. Wrights send us a variety of grades, and make sure that all bat makers take a range of willow from several different grades. Wrights enforce very sensible purchasing rules making bat makers purchase a range of grades, rather than just the top of the line willow. 

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