The number of grips you have on your bat will be determined by personal preference. As a rough guide all of the bat weights we have specified in recommendations are with one rubber grip. Each additional grip will increase the bat’s weight by one and a quarter ounces.

We do have double thickness rubber grips for those who like a thick handle or have big hands. These do weigh three ounces so add weight to the bat.

Increasing the number of grips raises the centre of gravity and improves bat speed, as well as the feel of the bat. Too many grips, however, can make the bat feel very heavy and seem ‘lifeless’. Most batsmen use either one or two rubber grips.

Laver & Wood Chevron grip choices on your handle:

  • White
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Gold
  • Silver


Laver & Wood offer a range of different labels options to finish off your bat please select your preferred option when customising your handcrafted bat.

Retro Labels


Our Laver & Wood classic dark green shield

Click images to see whole bat

If you plan to choose one of our customised bats these shapes can be altered to suit your style of play. To order a handcrafted custom bat choose Custom bat order. Not sure what you need or have a specification of your own? Please use our free bat sizing tool to contact us for our recommendations.

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