Laver & Wood Handles

Traditional Cane

The standard cane handle is what most bats have been made with for the past hundred years and more.
It is reasonably flexible and gives batsmen a great idea of how hard they have hit the ball without even needing to watch where the ball has gone.
We recommend this bat for traditional players who are just as concerned with placement rather than power.
The flexibility of the handle is essentially wasted energy so, whilst allowing for awesome performance, the biggest hitters out there might prefer C-10 or Carbo.

C-10 (full size bats only)

The C-10 is incredibly popular among Laver & Wood customers.

Due to the honeycomb structure at the top of the handle it is reasonably rigid so performance is increased (similar to the CarboCane offering) but it is not so stiff that it feels strange in the hands.

The other main benefit is that the clear resin used to infuse and secure the honeycomb is heavier than the cane it replaces. This brings the balance point of the bat further up the blade towards the hands and therefore makes it feel lighter. These factors improve balance and performance which are the two main factors looked for in an elite cricket bat.

Carbo (full size bats only)

The Carbo handle is for players looking for ultimate handle performance.

The carbon fibre insert into the top of the handle stiffens this section and limits flex.

As mentioned above flexibility is wasted energy so the Carbo-Cane technology allows for this power to transmit back through the face of the bat and into every shot you play.

An extra boost of power might not sound like much but can turn a one bounce four, or a boundary catch, into a comfortable six.